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 so Who is this Marja Kangas anyway?



Eye Color: Hazel green   |   Hair Color: Depends

My very first text was published in Kyhhäys magazine 1982. It was about wanting to ski and asking mr. Freeze if he could   | In the 1980's I wrote poems and th   |   My real name is Berry Fabric   |   I am pisces and I don't act like one  |   In Chinese horoscope I am wood tiger and I do act like one  |   I have a French Baccalaureat examen avec mention assez bien  |  I took my first selfies in 1990's  |    |  I have made a live installation called Angst where I sat and watched Bold and Beautiful for hours and ate pop corn  |  I love potato chips |  |  |  | |

Production Company   |   Project Name   |   2023  |   Dancer

Production Company   |   Project Name   |   2023  |   Chorus Member

I enjoy simple things in life, whether it’s a pilates class, a good book or a movie. And, yes, that quality latte makes me happy, as does the company of beings who are wiser than me. For example, cats. I have made some big moves in my personal life, left my well-paid job as a theatre teacher, lived in a foreign country, put all my focus into writing, and once I went to birthday party where I didn’t know anyone besides the birthday guy – and he was my date!


Alma, the healer in my novel, would probably say that according to Chinese horoscope I am a wood tiger, which means I enjoy improvising and trying out new things. 


Nowadays, I divide my time between places I love, the quiet Finnish woods and trendy Barcelona cafes with filled with bossanova. I’m in a passionate relationship with the Mediterranean city. And, yes, it is serious!


Pedagogical Qualification   |   Haaga-Helia Pedagogical University, Finland   |   2010

Master of Arts, Major in Theatre and Drama Studies   |   Tampere University, Finland   |   2007

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Theatre   |  Turku Arts Academy, Finland   |   2004

 Special Skills 

I take great pleasure in having a good, long cry followed by an unrestrained laugh.

Often to myself first. 

My professional life 

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