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My debut novel 'The only way is up' is out!

I started the writing process in November 2015 so it is such a pleasure to finally have the real book in my hands. I am also excited for I have received some feedback, although my friends who have now read it are of course on my side. Anyway, they seem to agree on one thing: that you don't want to stop reading it!

Since I won the competition organized by Prisma & my publishing house WSOY, it will be available only in Prisma for the first two months. In June it will hopefully conquer the world! Or at least the bookstores in Finland! I am planning to have some kind of a virtual party soon, so if you are interested in long-distance-partying, stay tuned. I'll inform about it on my Facebook. I hope to see you soon!

Some steps of a debut writer:

1. In summer 2016 I enjoyed a cafe con leche in a terrace in Plaza de Virreina, Barcelona and tried to look like a cool writer.

2. In June 2019 I shook hands with Anna-Riikka Carlson, my publisher at WSOY. We signed a publishing contract.

3. In April 2020 my woolen socks met with a box full of MY BOOKS!

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