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 The only way is up 


Cover  © Eevaliina Rusanen

A laugh-out-loud novel about surviving life when it gives you lemons but you don’t like lemonade...

Sirkku’s sailor husband, Jalo, dramatically dumps her, just as she feels they’ve attained peak marital bliss. Shocked she didn’t see it coming, Jalo’s bolt out of the blue decision sends Sirkku spiralling out of control on a rollercoaster of emotions. As a professional actress, she ought to be more in touch with her emotions and know how to deal with them, but this time she’s totally out of her depth, calling on her friends, the- rapists, even the universe, for help.

What follows can only be described as a shipwreck: Sirkku sends far too many texts she might later regret, gets a brand new hairstyle, goes to an organ concert on a whim, and gets drunk on box-wine wearing her wedding dress.

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