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 What People say 

"A fizzing break-up novel"


... said Johanna Suominen in Savon Sanomat 28/5/2020.

“A humorous, insightful—even surprising—story of one woman’s predicament in the relationship jungle.” — WSOY fiction competition panel

“[The Only Way is Up] was the winner of WSOY and Prisma’s Writing Competition, which was specifically looking for an entertaining page-turner about relationships. It’s no wonder that Kangas won: her novel is a wonderful example of chick-lit… This book is filled with self-irony from beginning to end, which is exactly what makes it such an exhilarating read.” — Johanna Suominen, Savon Sanomat newspaper

“Simultaneously a description of the breakdown of a marriage and the kind of novel that makes you scream with laughter.” — Jari Pietiläinen, Helsingin Uutiset newspaper

“Uproariously funny and painfully relatable. Causes binge-reading.” — Laura Friman, writer & broadcaster

“A hilarious novel!” — Eeva-Kaarina Solmela, Ilta Sanomat newspaper

“Marja Kangas’ novel, The Only Way Is Up, tells the story of a woman whose husband unexpectedly demands a divorce. Despite the book’s difficult subject matter, it’s as light read and—in the end—the woman realises that life really does go on.” — Marja-Terttu Yli-Sirniö, Viva magazine

“Refreshing, boozy entertainment which reads fluently and even makes you laugh; a good debut novel. The parts about the theatre world were especially amusing: is this what artistry is really like?!” — Kultturi kukoistaa literary blog

“… insightful, light, and really fun!” — Kirsin Book Club literary blog

“I haven’t read a book as funny as Marja Kangas’s debut THE ONLY WAY IS UP for a long time… It’s a book that’ll make you laugh and marvel simultaneously at what is a pretty relatable story… I particularly liked the book’s wide array of characters. Sirkku’s friends Alma and Margaretha are funny and relatable… and her ex-mother-in-law is about as ‘mother-in-law’ as they come!… This is book is the best possible summer reading!” — Kultuurelli Matkalaukussa literary blog


© Jussi Vierimaa / WSOY 

The book is now available in Finland in all the bookstores. An audio book in Finnish (read by the amazingly talented actress Minttu Mustakallio) and an e-book are also there for you!

I hope you will enjoy my book!

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